No More Excuses! Pick Two: Money, Time, or Results.

Are you ready for SEO? Are you REALLY ready for SEO? Then you should be able to answer this simple question.  Pick only Two: Money, Time, or Results.  Can’t give me an answer?  Lets go into details on these options and then you can let me know what you choose in the comments of this post.


Choosing Money & Time

If you choose money and time your not only opening up your wallet but your willing to invest your own time into a successful SEO campaign.  Skimp on either one and you won’t achieve RESULTS.  Maybe you choose to take the TIME to learn on page optimization and your willing to spend MONEY to hire someone to create content and build links.  Either way, its going to cost you some of both to be successful.


Choosing Money & Results.

Want top rankings without spending any of your precious TIME working on your site?  It’s going to cost you MONEY.  You will need to pay a professional SEO consultant, a content writer and a web developer as well.   You absolutely can get RESULTS without spending the time yourself.  Its just going to cost you MONEY.


Choosing Time & Results.

Do you have more time available then money?  Don’t worry, you too can still dominate the search engines.  As you guessed, its just going to take a lot of your TIME.  Start out by reading SEO blogs, Google Analytics introductory guides, and experimenting with keyword research tools.   After you get a grasp of SEO you can start implementing on page changes to your site and even building links.   This option doesn’t typically yield RESULTS quickly but it does save you MONEY and results are still possible.


No More SEO Excuses. What Do You Choose?

So many excuses are thrown around when it comes to not implementing SEO for their website.   If you can answer the question “Pick two: Money, Time, or Results” YOU can have SEO incorporated into your website.  Not everyone has hundreds or thousands of dollars to invest into their site.  However, these people tend to have more time available.  Start reading!  Not one SEO went to school for SEO, they started just like you.  Everyone has to start at the beginning.  If you learn SEO then it won’t cost you anything but your time.

Maybe you find SEO and internet marketing boring but you still see the value it offers.  Simple, pay someone.  It’s possible that you don’t have the time to learn or your time in worth more running the business operations side of your business.  Sometimes it just makes more sense to pay someone to do the SEO for you.   You need to sit down and figure out your budget.  Is it best for you to do the SEO or pay someone else?  Either way, you don’t have any room for excuses anymore.  Search Engine Optimization is available to all websites big and small.

What about you?  Can you pick two? MONEY, TIME, or RESULTS.   Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Nick LeRoy

I'm a husband, father to three, obsessed Vikings fan and SEO Manager at Ovative/group.. Learn more about me here and consider signing up for the weekly #SEOForLunch newsletter to stay up to date with SEO best practices and industry news.

2 thoughts on “No More Excuses! Pick Two: Money, Time, or Results.

  1. These certainly are the top 3 things to consider when implementing an SEO campaign. It’s certainly going to cost you to get results- either money or time. In some cases it might be both. There is this misconception that SEO is “free” if you do it on your own, but unless you don’t value your time, it certainly isn’t free!

    1. Nick, you are absolutely right. Value of your time determines how ‘free’ SEO is. If you have an interest or can develop a passion or internet marketing I think ‘time’ becomes less of an issue as your combining work and a hobby into one.

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