Santa Brought Me A Top THREE Ranking

Christmas is always a fun time.  Waking up early and running to the tree to see what goodies left you is always a fan favorite.  Just imagine my happiness when I just happen to check my e-mail Christmas morning and received an alert e-mail from SERPfox that said my primary keyword ‘Baltimore Car Insurance’ had jumped from 8-6 all the way up to #3.  To make things even more exciting the #3 position is above the local results and my organic listing is just about to break the top ‘fold’.  Take a look for yourself.


With this number three ranking I started to notice a trickle of traffic to the site.  I even generated the first few leads to the site as well.  This website is officially earning money! When I previously wrote about determining my geography and keyword targets I said that I wouldn’t expect to earn a penny until I achieved a top three ranking.  It looks like I was right.  The screen shot below (click for larger / clearer image) shows my earning over the last week.  This sites earnings should only increase as I climb into the number one position.


Continuing The Climb To Number 1.

I’ve made a lot of progress with in the past few months.  I truly expect to be at number one by the beginning of February.  How will I do this? I’ve already built a handful of links through expired domains, diversified my anchor text and referral link source by sending a very small blast of links from and of course a few links from this domain.  To push this site over the hump and take over that number one spot i’m going to work on building up the sites authority some more.  I’m not focused on more anchor text links, simply further diversifying the anchor text and increasing authority.  My strategy which i’ll go into further detail in an upcoming post is to do some tiered link building.  There will be a heavy focus on web2.0 and article directory properties.  This is very similar to THEHOTH package i’ve talked about in the past.  I am however experimenting with doing all the work on my own with the help of outsourcing a few tasks and using a couple of tools.  If this works as well as THEHOTH if not better i’ll share you guys the full strategy.

Hope everything enjoyed their Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone as well.  Here’s to another happy, healthy and profitable year!

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Nick LeRoy

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7 thoughts on “Santa Brought Me A Top THREE Ranking

  1. That’s a solid result for a juicy niche. Look forward to seeing the results a month from now. How are your sub pages ranking?

  2. p.s. Wondering if just a couple more expired domain links and maybe a couple outbound links to authority will be enough to bump up the ranking to pos 1. Tiered link building takes so much time compared to building links from an established PBN (of course the PBN takes time upfront to build, but once it’s done with flexible sites the time saving ongoing is huge).

    1. Greg – I agree that PBN links offer the most value. However, one goal of the sites I share publicly on this blog is to diversify my link building. So while i’ve built quite a fee PBNs already, i’m going to see how other tactics work too. I’m in the process of building out a semi-automated tiered link strategy. We’ll see if it works 🙂

  3. Happy New Year Nick! I will look forward to see the keywords progress in the next coming months.

  4. Happy new years to you too Hasan! I don’t plan on disappointing – see you around for future updates.

  5. You should be able to make some good money now with a ranking like that. l’ll be interested to see how the income report turns out. Nice work!

  6. Nice, man! What a great niche, too. Really interested to see the ROI on this

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